Sunday, 29 November 2009

Car boot sale

The car boot sale today was canceled because Newbury Racecourse was partially flooded.
We haven't rescheduled a new date yet.


Friday, 27 November 2009


I sent an e-mail to Stuart Clark and got this in reply:
"Hi Matilda,

I'm sorry you've been given the run around.

The Highways Agency are responsible for all motorways and truck roads; West Berkshire Council (the Highway Authority) is responsible for the local road network i.e. 'A' roads (principal roads), 'B' roads, 'C' roads and unclassified roads (minor roads). The Environment Agency is responsible for all 'Main Rivers' and British Waterways are responsible for canals.

The River Pang is classified as a main river and is therefore maintained by the EA. However, fords are part of the 'highway', as the public have the right to travel over them. Therefore, the fabric of the ford itself is maintained by the highway authority i.e. WBC - and in theory, the EA is responsible for the water that flows over it!

Hope this is helpful. Let me know if you need any further info.

Best wishes

We have also received £50 from my grandparents


Thursday, 26 November 2009

Nidanu's notes on today

Today I put the paragraphs we have written so far into the transportation document.
Niamh and I got a little further with the presentation for team work.
Elijah made this lovely soup today for dinner (it was really delicious!)
Most of the team members are wearing their B.O.B t-shirts.
We have a good robot, but the programming of picking up the hoops is not going as well. : (
Luckily the competition date is the 15th of December and not the 2nd, but it is still very close.

I'm on the blog

Hi guys i'm on the blog!


There is a huge different in speed when you replace the battteries, it went from slow and sluggish to fast and furious!
Though it does need a bit of re-programming, I think.



We have received a £50 float for the car boot sale on Sunday. Drews' Ironmongers have provided it, we are going to pay them back of course, promise!
Thanks to Nic for this.


Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Stuart Clark

I have just got off the phone with Stuart Clark, who works for West Reading.
He says that the first record of Bucklebury ford is from 1881 on an OS map. The reasons there is not a bridge there are a)When the ford was created, there were no cars, only horse and cart or other things like that, b)The ford is not very busy so there is not much point in investing time and money into this if it is rarely used, c)There is a footbridge for pedestrians so they can get across easily enough, d)There is a water meter so the driver will know exactly how deep it is and will decided for themselves whether to drive through.
He says that the river Pang is mainly filled from springs and the water level is usally pretty predictable, this ford is a run off of the Pang.
Also, the only vehicles that tend to go through it are large vehicles, like tractors, and the cars of locals who know how deep it is.
I hope this will help with our project.
Thanks again to Stuart.



This is a video of the 2009 FLL track:



I've been on the phone to 4 different companies now:
Highways Agency, they advised me to contact Berkshire Highways,
Berkshire Highways, they advised mt to contact British Waterways,
British Waterways, they didn't advise me to contact anyone and
The Environment Agency, they said that I should inquir into how long the ford has been there.
Overall, a lot of being on hold and not much information!



I have brought my camera today and will be taking some pictures and Ilene will hopefully bring her's tomorrow. I will (well, attempt to) upload them when I get home.
Look out for more updates and pictures later!



Just an update on the sponsors we have contacted:
We have recieved a letter from Dairy Crest in response of Nidanu's sponsorship inquiry letter. Sadly, they are already sponsoring the Make-A-Wish foundation for terminally ill children ( and have already spent their annual budget. We are happy that they have informed us of this and understand the situation completely.
We have not recieved any other letters from the other companies we contacted. We do still have the money people that Nidanu and her grandfather have contacted though.
Thanks again.


Thursday, 19 November 2009

Catch up

Hi guy's!
My dad came today and Bryan to help us a little bitwith the robot, but is going great


hi im on the blog

hayy guy's im on the bloggggg

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Team T-shirts

Peter speaking
We have the T-shirts and they are right under the desk as I type .

See you soon

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Sponsor letters

I have writen four letters to; Land Rover; Microsoft UK; Reading Transport and Toys "R" Us. I have also contacted Unisys via their website.



I would like to point out that just because I created the blog doesn't mean only I can post in it (Nidanu, Ilene and Lulah have helped a little bit). There are 6 other contributors but no-one has posted anything yet. I would appreciate it if you guys could actually contribute (even if it's just commenting) to the blog.

Thursday, 12 November 2009


Today we were going to have a session devoted to the Transportation Project, but Nidanu and Lynne are both ill and Kathy's family couldn't make it. Plus, we were planning to go to the Buckleberry ford, but there have been a few rain showers today.

Though at the moment, Peter is at my house so he and Elijah are practicing programming and building the NXT robot.

Hopefully see you all next time!

Wednesday, 11 November 2009


I'm looking forward to tomorrow. Apparently, we might be going to the ford, which we are going to be studying. Sadly, Bryan Pelham cannot make this session but hopefully he should be there on the 19th.

See you guys tomorrow!

Tuesday, 10 November 2009


Finally! We have Tualin on the blog! Hi Tualin!
Oh, and Elijah

Catch up

We had a meeting today. Well we chose a transportation problim, wich was fords being to deep to drive through. We did some work on the robot, changing the wheels.


Thursday, 5 November 2009

Second Session

We had our own special agenda. In the dining room, Djamila led the meeting. We were talking about fundraising and how we can make money for the team.
We also decided on the team name (we had voted during the week). We had a lot of ideas for who to ask for sponsorship.

First session

On the first session, we built all the things for the mat. There are a lot of things that need building for the track. Fortuneatly, we have quite a few team members and this was all finished in one session.
We saw the mat for the first time, and it was so big that it didn't fit on the dinning table.
We mindstormed about the team name. It was very fun and we had some interesting ideas, and some wacky ones too!
Some of the names were thing like The Cheese Puffs, The Building Brain, I-Bot, The Checkers and the winner, B.O.B: Builders of Brilliance!
It was a very productive session.

Tilda, Nidanu, Ilene and Tallulah =]

Tuesday, 3 November 2009


The agenda of our 3rd meeting:
Team Meeting
2 November 2009
12:00 hrs
Upper Basildon
Meeting called by: Robotics Team Type of meeting: Fun
Facilitator: Djamila Note taker: To be decided
Timekeeper: To be decided
Attendees: Elijah, Matilda, Nidanu, Tualin, Tallulah

Please read: Whatever you can on the subject
Please bring: A snack to share, your notes and print-outs
Agenda Items

Topic Presenter Time Allotted

 Opening Dj 5 minutes
 Decide on competition date Team 5 minutes
 Keeping a journal Team 10 minutes
 Project Planning Team 10 minutes
 Fundraising Actions so far Team 10 minutes
 Setting Up Track Team 30 minutes
 Start building Team Forever
 Deciding On Team’s Homework Team 10 minutes
 Closing Dj 5 minutes

Other Information

Observers: Alison

Resources: Bryan’s FLL set


This was the agenda from our 2nd meeting:
Team Meeting
22 October 2009
14:00 hrs
Upper Basildon
Meeting called by: Robotics Team Type of meeting: Fun
Facilitator: Djamila Note taker: To be decided
Timekeeper: To be decided
Attendees: We shall wait and see : )

Please read: Transportation Document,
Please bring: A snack to share, your notes
Agenda Items

Topic Presenter Time Allotted

 Opening Dj 5 minutes
 Project Planning Dj 10 minutes
 Choosing Team Name Team 10 minutes
 Fundraising Ideas Team 15 minutes
 Transportation Project Team 20 minutes
 Break Team 10 minutes
 Setting Up Table for Track Team 30 minutes
 Setting Up Track Team 30 minutes
 Deciding On Team’s Homework Team 10 minutes
 Closing Dj 5 minutes

Other Information

Observers: Alison, Heidi, Kathy, Nic

Resources: Bryan’s FLL set

Car boot sale

At the end of November, we are having a car boot sale to raise funds for the team. If you have anything we could sell, please contact me or Alison.


Our yahoo group.
This is our yahoo group but at the moment it is private, if you would desperately like to be a member we may consdider it.


This is a test for our journal
I hope this works! =]